The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office is committed to safeguarding our duty guns from being lost or stolen. By equipping deputies with portable gun safes to safely handle and secure their guns while off duty will significantly reduce the risk of guns falling into the hands of criminals. In collaboration with the Sheriff’s Advisory Board, we are purchasing 750 portable gun safes for deputies to conceal and secure their weapons while off duty in their personal vehicles.

The Sheriff’s Office understands that theft is a primary way firearms fall into the hands of criminals. Additionally, we recognize the public concern and pending legislation in the wake of several high profile thefts of firearms from unattended vehicles. The purchase of gun safes for Santa Clara County Sheriffs’ deputies, which can be concealed and secured to an affixed object of a vehicle will greatly increase the safety of the public and peace officers alike.

SCCSAB Focus Update

The SCCSAB purchased 750 Gun Safes for Santa Clara County Sheriff Vehicles in 2016.

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