The Sheriff's Advisory Board is a nonprofit association of concerned citizens in Santa Clara County, California and other interested parties. The SAB works to enhance and improve the general safety and well being of Sheriff's Office personnel and the public, protecting the safety of officers in the field and enhancing the cooperative spirit between the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Santa Clara County.

The Organization

The SAB was founded in 1974 as the Sheriff's Advisory Board. In 2002, the board began an expansion program to allow greater community involvement and participation in the Advisory Board. Our management team consists of the board of directors and officers of SAB working closely with the Sheriff's Office through their Liaison. Specific tasks are divided among committees with the executive board assigning responsibility.

Contact the Advisory Board:

Email: office@sccsab.org

Postal Mail:
P.O. Box 28037
San Jose, CA 95159-8037

Executive Advisory Board:
Jim Campagna, President
Steve Hunt, Vice President


SAB provides a variety of services to The Sheriff's Office including the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events. In addition, we provide direct services to The Sheriff's Office that include regular quarterly Executive Board meetings with the Sheriff's Office Liaison to understand the general needs of the Sheriff's Office and hear requests for specific items. The primary purpose of the SAB is to fund, or otherwise help acquire equipment that falls outside of the Sheriff's Office operating budget allocations. The primary intent is to provide equipment or facilities that will enhance the training and safety of deputies in the field. Among the services planned for the future are: The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Situational Training Facility. This project is by far, the single most ambitious project ever undertaken by the SAB and will provide the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office with a best-of-class facility that will allow them to offer their own forces, other agencies, as well as the community, training experiences that are both realistic and meaningful. This project adheres to the SAB Charter in that superior training translates directly into Officer safety.


Since the SAB is first and foremost a charitable service organization; it relies on the goodwill and concern of citizens and businesses in Santa Clara County. Since SAB's goal is to bring together all parties interested in advancing the effectiveness of the Sheriff's Office. In addition to individual citizens, the SAB plans to have targeted marketing with funding efforts focusing on those businesses and industries that have more than a passing interest in enhancing the protective capacity of the Sheriff's Office. These would include Banks, Convenience Stores, Fast-food enterprises, as well as “school friendly” organizations and other interested parties.